SummitStone Walk-In Crisis Information

Crisis Services

1217 Riverside Ave., Fort Collins (970) 494-4200

*The Crisis Center is not a detox facility; however, we can serve as a resource for anyone who personally may need, or has a loved one who may need, detox services.

The Crisis Services center is available between 8:00 am and midnight to anyone who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. This statewide system includes the Colorado Crisis Support Line.

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Same-Day Access

At SummitStone Health Partners, we are ready to help as soon as you are ready to seek it. That’s why we offer Same-Day Access available in both Fort Collins and Loveland. Whether it’s a one-time session with a therapist to discuss a problem you are struggling with today, or the first visit to begin your ongoing treatment, we are here for you right now. Some private insurance accepted.

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Counseling Session

Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)

We provide Same-Day Access, so you can begin your addiction recovery today.

SummitStone is the largest provider of behavioral health services in Larimer County. Our certified and licensed counselors are trained to meet the complex needs that often accompany addiction and substance abuse. Many people going through the recovery process discover that mental health issues and addiction can be co-occurring. At SummitStone, we can treat both concerns at the same time, helping you make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to overcoming addiction and leading a meaningful life that is free of substance abuse.

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Mental Health

Did you know that one in five people will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year? Mental health and addictive disorders are far too common to ignore – or to be a source of shame. You should never be afraid to ask questions regarding mental health. And just like other illnesses like heart disease, cancer or diabetes, they are treatable. In fact, treatment for people with serious mental illnesses is 70% to 90% effective, higher than success rates for treatment of heart disease. At SummitStone, we see the potential in people – not their condition. That’s what makes us so successful in helping to restore hope for productive, healthy lives, because people can and do recover.

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Medication Management

Medication Management

Medical services are provided under the general medical supervision of the Chief Medical Officer. Medical staff provide psychiatric consultation to staff, case conferences, psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, medication management and prescriptions.

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Spirit Crossing Clubhouse Vocational Support

Vocational Support

Through our Spirit Crossing Clubhouse, SummitStone offers help to adults with mental health diagnoses to work through their recovery to become productive and significant contributors to our society. Options for vocational support include Supported Employment, Transitional Employment, Independent Employment and Supported Education.

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SummitStone Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Attending group therapy can enhance therapeutic progress and reinforce the benefits of sharing with others. Group therapy sessions are led by one or more psychologists with specialized training, who teach group members proven strategies for managing specific problems. SummitStone offers a broad range of group therapy sessions for adults, adolescents and families. If you are interested in a group, please ask your clinician for a referral.

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On Site Pharmacy

On-Site Pharmacy

Genoa is a full service pharmacy located inside SummitStone Health Partners in Loveland and Fort Collins. Genoa can fill behavioral health medications as well as all other medications. A compliance program helps to ensure that medications are filled on time and correctly. A pharmacist is available any time to answer questions and discuss medications.

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