Why Family and Friends Can be Key to Addiction Recovery

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is a very personal journey. Many people on that path prefer it to be solitary or only shared with a counselor. They would rather not let loved ones in on the details of their substance abuse, so they shut them out of the process. However, recovery is a difficult and challenging experience. The support of friends and family can be a much-needed source of energy, motivation and can keep the person fighting the addiction focused on getting healthy. This is especially important when setbacks occur.

Allowing friends and family to participate in the recovery process has several advantages. For example, they can provide:

Support in social situations.
For people in recovery, social situations provide a variety of challenges. If drugs or alcohol are being used, there can be the temptation to partake and the risk of relapse. In other settings, the pressure to look healthy and happy can produce a great deal of stress, as can probing questions about employment, unexplained absences from other events, etc. Having a family member or friend with them who can help them avoid giving into temptation or getting stuck in uncomfortable conversations can be very helpful.

Substance AbuseA sense of connection.
People fighting addiction on their own can be more inclined to self-medicate when the stresses of life feel overwhelming. Spending time with a friend or family member, or just getting some quick encouragement in a phone call or text, can help keep them from making a choice that causes their recovery to unravel.

An unclouded perspective.
When a person quits using a substance that their body has grown accustomed to, it can cause their thinking to be a little fuzzy. Having someone they trust who can help them see things more clearly can be very reassuring.

The straight truth.
Friends and family are a great source of love and support. Because we trust and respect them, they can also provide the uncomfortable truth a person in recovery sometimes needs to hear about their behavior to make changes.

While recovery from a substance abuse problem is very much about mental and emotional needs, it is much more difficult if physical needs are unmet. When a person who is fighting addiction has family or friends they can rely on to provide for them temporarily, it is much easier to focus on the challenge of getting well.

Who’s Got Your Back?
Having friends and family who are willing to help you face an addiction can greatly increase your odds of success in recovery. So can the support of the substance abuse experts at SummitStone. Contact us at (970) 494-4200 to learn more about our programs. If you are dealing with an immediate mental or emotional crisis, our Access Center is available at that same phone number 24/7. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

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