The Benefits of Child and Family Therapy

Family therapy is mental and behavioral health counseling used to help families understand and work through issues that are interfering with the healthy function of the family unit. As a provider of family therapy in Loveland, we stress that “family” does not necessarily mean blood relatives. Anyone who is an integral part of a family can be considered a member.

While family therapy can focus on the challenges of any member, the issues facing the children in a family are often the reason that counseling is sought. Consequently, the term “child and family therapy” is often used.

Addressing a Wide Variety of Issues

Family therapy is used to help families cope with an array of mental health and relationship issues. They may include:

  • Loss and grieving
  • Child and adolescent behavioral problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sexual orientation
  • Domestic violence
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Financial challenges
  • Gender expression
  • Infertility
  • Marital conflict
  • Substance abuse

In some cases, multiple issues are present, each impacting the other. For example, attempts to resolve fertility issues can lead to financial challenges and the resulting marital conflict.

How Does a Family Therapist Help?

Family therapists can help families function more effectively in many ways. They begin their work with a family by getting to know them and how they interact with one another through discussion and observation. As part of that process, the therapist may diagnose and create a treatment plan for the psychological problems of one or more family members.

The therapist will also be looking for impaired relationships and will suggest better ways for family members to interact. The same is true of dysfunctional individual behaviors, for which the therapist will provide alternatives. Ultimately, family therapists work to create a comprehensive treatment plan for holistic family healing. That is the approach that we take when we provide family therapy in Loveland.

Family Therapy Benefits

Child and family therapy provides many benefits, including:

  • Creating a more supportive family environment
  • Helping the family stay whole and healthy after a crisis
  • Resolving specific conflicts
  • Decreasing tension between individuals and in the group as a whole
  • Developing a sense of trust among family members
  • Creating more open and honest interactions
  • Helping isolated family members return to the group
  • Developing a culture of mutual respect

Other Services

In addition to counseling, a number of other services can be a part of family therapy. This includes emergency services, psychiatry and medication management, multicultural services, and disaster response to name just a few.

Supporting Healthy Family Functioning

It is said that many of the problems that face a city, state, country, or the world can be best addressed by creating stronger, healthier families. We wholeheartedly agree. If you are in need of family therapy in Loveland, please call 970-494-4200 to learn more about our programs. If you or a loved one needs help with an immediate mental or emotional crisis, you can reach our Access Center at that same phone number 24/7. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.


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