Strategies for Dealing with Loss While in Recovery

When you are in recovery and working hard each day to move your life in a more positive direction, the death of a loved one can be devastating. However, by following some proven strategies from your Fort Collins substance abuse counselor, you can and will survive and keep your recovery on track.

Use Their Memory as Motivation

When the intense grief of losing a loved one hits you, the key is to keep moving. Below are some ways that you can honor the person and use their memory as motivation:

Renew your commitment to your recovery. Each time you attend a meeting or follow your Fort Collins substance abuse counselor’s advice, remind yourself that you’re doing it for yourself and also for your lost loved one.

Take time out for yourself. In the immediate aftermath of the death of someone you care about, it can help to indulge in a healthy form of “escape.” Take a trip, have a meal at your favorite restaurant, get a massage, or binge watch your favorite TV show. It may feel wrong doing something you enjoy after an upsetting loss, but remind yourself that it’s what they would want you to do.

Connect with family and friends. While taking some time for yourself after the loss of a loved one is recommended, isolating yourself for an extended period is not. In fact, it’s very important that you reach out to family and friends in this kind of situation. Focus on spending time with anyone you feel can lend support and be a positive light in your life during this dark time. Even if you aren’t up for doing much talking, just being with them can be a tremendous help as you work through your grief.

Help others. Nothing is better for raising your spirits than helping others in need. When you feel you’re ready, look for a place to serve as a volunteer and focus your attention on making a positive contribution so that you don’t get stuck in a negative place.

You’re More Resilient than You Think

Losing a loved one while in recovery is terribly hard. But, you’ll make it through this. To connect with a Fort Collins substance abuse counselor, call 970-494-4200. If you or a loved one needs help with an immediate mental or emotional crisis, you can reach our Access Center at that same phone number 24/7. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

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