Eligible employees at SummitStone are provided a wide range of benefits.  To be eligible for benefits, employees must work at least 20 hours per week on a regularly scheduled basis.

SummitStone ‘s definition of a “regularly scheduled basis” is 20 – 39 hours per week averaged over a 3-month period. If an employee’s time fluctuates every week, but the average at the end of a 3-month period is 20 – 39 hours the employee may be eligible for benefits and benefits may be prorated based on an employee’s average number of work hours per week.

The following benefit programs may be available to eligible employees:

• 403(b) Retirement Plan
• Travel Reimbursement
• Bereavement Leave
• Cafeteria 125 Plan
• Dental Insurance
• Extended Leave Bank (ELB)
• Family Leave
• Flextime Scheduling
• Holidays
• Jury Duty Leave

• Life Insurance
• Long-Term Disability (LTD)
• Malpractice Insurance
• Meal Allowances
• Medical Insurance
• Medical Leave
• Paid Time Off (PTO)
• Vision Care Insurance
• Voting Time Off