Did you know that one in four people will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year? Or that one in ten struggle with addiction? These biological, brain-based illnesses impact all of us. And just like other illnesses like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, they are treatable. In fact, treatment for people with serious mental illnesses is 70% to 90% effective, higher than success rates for treatment of heart disease. Mental health and addictive disorders are far too common to ignore – or to be a source of shame. You should never be afraid to ask questions regarding mental health.

One in four adults will have a diagnosable mental illness at some time in their lives Three in 10 Coloradans need treatment for mental health or SUD needs each year – more than 1.5 million people. One in five children and adolescents have an emotional or mental disorder Mental illnesses and substance abuse are more common than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. These illnesses profoundly impact our lives.